Thank you to all the incredible artists from around the globe who made the HMF Islamic Art Competition 2023 a resounding success!


Global Participation: We were honored to receive submissions from talented artists worldwide, showcasing a diverse tapestry of artistic expressions rooted in Islamic heritage.

Theme Interpretation: "Doorways: An Artistic Perspective" inspired a myriad of interpretations, reflecting the depth and breadth of Islamic artistry.

Categories: From stunning paintings to digital marvels, and innovative mixed media creations, the variety and quality of submissions were awe-inspiring.

Looking ahead:

While the 2023 competition has come to a close, keep an eye out for updates on our upcoming events. For the next competition in 2024, artists will once again have the opportunity to showcase their talent and participate in celebrating the rich heritage of Islamic art.

Stay connected with us for more information on submission guidelines, themes, and key dates for the upcoming HMF Islamic Art Competition in 2024.