Volunteering your time is a great way to give back to your community, connect with new people, gain experience, and learn skills. Volunteers are important to the work of HMF. Your volunteer hours can count towards school.

Responsibilities of our volunteers

Our volunteers

  • Sit on our Board of Directors,
  • Are our frontline team members,
  • Create and deliver food hampers for those most in need,
  • Provide childminding services at event,
  • Prepare and serve food at events,
  • Take our clients to their appointments,
  • Provide translation services and support to newcomer families, and so much more.

Above all else, our volunteers are the friendly and smiling faces of HMF. We invite you to join us in making a difference in our community.

Examples of how people continue to help HMF serve the community

  • Driving people to appointments,
  • Delivering groceries to families,
  • Helping plan events,
  • Photographers lending their artistic talent to an event,
  • Lawyers providing training to staff
  • Legal guidance to clients.

Would you like to offer your services to help those in need? We are continuously looking for ways to connect generous people in the community with those who need help.

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We are looking for board members with experience in human resources, public relations, marketing, fundraising, not-for-profit management, volunteer management, or risk management. We are currently recruiting for all board positions.

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