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We would like to hear your opinion about what supports and programs are helpful and what kind of supports does the Muslim community in Manitoba requires to help and meet the needs of our families. The results of this survey will be analyzed to publish a report and provide insight to the Muslim Community and community leaders.

Please click the button below to start or continue the survey. It shouldn't take you more than three or four minutes to complete. Thank you for your time.

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Self-Censorship Among Muslim Youth in Manitoba


Understanding the Employment Journey of Muslim Women in Manitoba


Understanding Gender-Based Violence In The Muslim Community


Mental Health and Well-being of Muslims in Manitoba

Mental Health and well-being of Muslims in Manitoba

Needs of Muslims with Disabilities in Manitoba

Needs of Muslims with Disabilities

Survey on Domestic Violence in Muslim Community in Manitoba

We are currently running a survey for understanding the need for services to combat Domestic Violence in the Muslim community. Please fill out the questionnaire if you have experienced DV, if you are a family member or friend of someone affected by DV, or if you are a professional who works in this area.