Meet Our Team

  • Hajira Wajid (Director)
  • Eve Sotiriadou (Director)
  • Lateefa Oyefeso (Director)
  • Bushra Aafaqui (Director)
  • Saima Mafat (Director)
  • Humaira Jaleel (Executive Director)
  • Amna Iqbal (Director of Programs)
  • Midhat Alam (Art Instructor)
  • Sumera Aurangzeb (Community Support Coordinator)
  • Sarah Arnous (Financial Empowerment Coordinator)
  • Afsheen Siddiqui (Employment Coordinator)
  • Asma Ahmad (Women Support Coordinator)
  • Osama Fazal (Youth Program Coordinator)
  • Yanit Endrias (Legal Information and Support Coordinator)
  • Umaima Anwar (Program Facilitator)
  • Mariyam Mohammad (Digital Marketing Associate)
  • Shifa Shahid (Summer Camp Counsellor)
  • Maria Islam (Summer Camp Counsellor)
  • Maryam Islam (Summer Camp Counsellor)

We are looking for board members with experience in human resources, public relations, marketing, fundraising, not-for-profit management, volunteer management, or risk management. We are currently recruiting for all board positions.

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Call for Board Members