5 tips to stay fit and healthy during isolation

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented measures to many people around the world, including massive loss of life, quarantined cities, lockdowns, loss of jobs and livelihoods, and heavy mental stress about the state of the world today. It can be difficult to maintain a sense of normalcy in life while in isolation, especially when the days and weeks seem to blend into one.

Ten Hadiths on the Importance of Charity

Ten Hadiths on the importance of charity

The core purpose of charity in Islam is to seek Allah’s pleasure and get our spiritual satisfaction. The one neat thing about giving is that it’s a win-win situation; the recipient and the giver both benefit differently.

6 fruits mentioned in the Holy Quran and their benefits

6 fruits mentioned in the Holy Quran and their benefits

The Holy Quran will always be our source of inspiration, knowledge, and law as we strive to become better Muslims. Surprisingly, the Quran also provides both health benefits and knowledge on the numerous fruits and foods of the world that we can enjoy, suggesting that we can look to the Holy Quran for guidance on what types of fruits may be best for our health.